March 30, 2021




Here’s the deal.

I know I have a while to decide on a name for Baby Beech #2, BUT my husband is adamant about landing on a name sooner rather than later (like yesterday, ideally) and I’m in no mental state to do so! I have a major case of baby brain x 100, because I’m juggling life, work, pregnancy and looking after a toddler full time. I simply do not have the mental capacity to decisively name a human being for the rest of forever right now!

I am genuinely terrified of naming this baby. With Bowie, it was so easy. Super early on in my pregnancy, we spent two days casually throwing out male rockstar’s names, because we knew that was the vibe we were going for and as soon as Bowie popped out of one of our mouths, that was it. David Bowie is an absolute legend and icon and I could think of no greater gift to give our unborn child than his name. Done and dusted. We genuinely never thought about it again. Never questioned it for one second. From the minute we said it and our faces lit up, we knew that it felt right. That was her name. Now, at two and a half, with her little personality in full swing, I cannot imagine a world where that child could be called anything but Bowie. She is SUCH a Bowie.

We thought it’d be the same with this kid. We thought we’d have it in the bag, no problem. We knew we wanted something that went well with Bowie and figured we’d run through a quick list and land on it in one conversation. We were sort of right. We actually did land on a name immediately. As soon as we found out the gender, we started talking names and that same day we had one we were sold on. We told all of our family members and everyone LOVED it. Then, they started referring to the baby by that name. BIG MISTAKE. Um, wait a minute. I know I said it was his name and I liked it when we wrote it on a piece of paper and said it aloud amongst ourselves, but now …not so much. Something about the way it came out of other people’s mouths just felt off. I loved it. I loved that everyone else loved it, but I hated hearing them say it. Which would likely become an issue over time. Just as quick as we’d landed on that name, I now wanted to throw it as far away as possible. That was not my child’s name.

So, back to the drawing board we went. And back again. Aaand again. We’ve tried a few names on for size now. Every week, we basically give the baby a new name and reference him by that name out loud all week long to see how it sits in our mouths and out in the world. We have one we’ve been going with for a couple of weeks now that we both really like, but we’re not sure in the same way we were with Bowie. How unsure we are is making me feel pretty sure we still haven’t found his name.

When we share the short list with close friends and family, everyone still votes for that first name we loved (until I started hearing people say it) and that’s making me second guess my judgement.

I’m only about halfway through this pregnancy, so I know I still have months before the decision needs to be made, but I can’t help but feel panicked about it. We’ve rattled through a long list of awesome names that fit the vibe of our family and nothing has jumped out as being his name. IT’s a big decision. It will last his lifetime and be a big part of his identity, unless he ever chooses to change it. That’s a lot of pressure!! I don’t want to give him something I feel half-hearted about. I was SO sure with Bowie and I want to feel the same about this little one’s name. He deserves that kind of confidence. And a great fucking name, like his big sis.

Did you guys ever struggle with naming your kids? Did you ever regret the name you ended up giving them? Have any name suggestions that fit the edgy, unique, slightly rock and roll vibes we went for with Bowie? Comment any and all below!

  1. Matti says:


  2. Carissa says:

    Ace,Ozzy,Link, Lennon, Onyx 🙂

    • Emily says:

      This happened with the name of my first one as well. We found a name and loved it and then when people said it, I HATED it. Me and the mister decided to write down a bunch of names we really liked and tossed them in a hat. Yes we picked our daughter’s name from a baseball hat. But honestly it was the most fun I’d had throughout my pregnancy. We settled on a name, didn’t tell anyone until we had her, and to this day it fits her perfectly!! You’ll find the perfect name don’t worry mama!

      P.S. I’ve always liked the name Jacoby 🤗

  3. Nancy says:

    James did it for us! Strong name and goes nice with Bowie!

  4. Evelyn says:

    I could not decide until the 9 month. I had terrible morning sickness half my pregnancy. Anytime we talked about the name, I wanted to vomit. I don’t know why. I think we went through 6 definite names before we decided on Emma. 🙂

    • Amber says:

      I am 37 weeks with our second son and we still haven’t settled on a name and I am so anxious about it! With our first son we settled on the first name we both liked and that was that. Perfect name. This one we just can’t agree names we both really like. Hoping we figure it out before he’s born.. it’s so hard to decide!!

  5. Evelyn says:

    This is a long show but for a boy, Elton 😊

  6. Alex says:

    Marley, Indie, Soren, Mick, Ty, Lars

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Hannah Burn says:

    We just found out we’re having a girl and before our scan we had a name for a boy or a girl. We’d told everyone and part of me was nervous for if it was a boy because I was second guessing the name and didn’t want to have to tell everyone a new name!
    It’s such an important thing for parents and absolutely take all of the time you need. The baby brain cannot be helping either so give yourself a few more weeks and hopefully all will become clear!
    Whatever his name is he is one lucky little boy!
    Wishing you all the best and loving being pregnant at the same time as you – it’s so helpful to hear your insights and it makes me feel validated <3 sending love from the UK, Hannah xxx

  9. Corinne says:

    Totally out there suggestion… how about ‘Parton’ after Dolly Parton. Unusual name but gives homage to another music legend from Nashville!? Location and Music combined in to a name that I’ve not heard used as a first name before? Also female rock legend for baby boy and Bowie for your little girl seems pretty awesome to me! I swear boy names are harder though!

  10. Melody Green says:

    I’m into super grunge names too! It needs to be super unique, not just after another rockstar like something Hendrix or Presley. It needs to be like Bowie & Wyatt or Bowie & Wayne. Bowie & Wex. Something that has a W in it. As well.

  11. Stacie F says:

    Van, Jagger, Axel

  12. Amber says:

    I have 4 children and have struggled twice with 2 of my children’s names . Our only daughter was supposed to be Lily , while pregnant, everyone called her lily and it just didn’t sound right . I finally told my husband and strongly felt we should call her Cory , he went with it and when she was born , we knew she was met to be Cory , she’s strong but also so beautiful and that name suited her more . My last baby and 3rd boy was so hard to name , 3 weeks before my due date we agreed on Lincoln and would call him Linc as he gets older . We didn’t tell anyone his name till birth , and I felt just like you. I really didn’t like it , but as he got older it grew on me and he’s in every way a Lincoln .

    You are not alone with your feelings, naming a baby is so hard , especially when you have multiple children cause you want their names to flow but you also want them to be their own individual self .

  13. Alison says:

    Had loved the name Noah forever so was easy for us to name our first. We struggled for a while with our second son.
    Rockstar names I’d go for something like Hendrix,Jagger, Memphis,Nash,Phoenix.
    Good luck xx

  14. Angeljne says:

    For my first son, we knew his name would be Mark. There was a whole backstory that went along with it and kind of made it special. For our second son, I really like the name Oakland but my husband who also liked it felt that he might get teased about it. So he was nameless for about a week while we did the same thing you’re doing, tried names that we thought we might like here and there until we settled on Kyle. And the reason why we went with Kyle was because Kyla was always going to be our girl name and so the boy version kind of sounded natural. Fast forward to boy number 3, my grandma had recently passed away and we were praying that this would be a girl so that we can honor her name however it was not and so I wanted to find a name that was still strong but that we could put a little greek twist into it so we settled on Loukas. However, while we were in the hospital in labor we himmed and hawed back and forth on changing it to Killian if he was a redhead. Good luck on finding the perfect name for your son. Don’t stress, it will all fall into place 💕

  15. Shelbi Inan says:

    With my first daughter I really wanted Isabella. I was set in it for almost 6 months then I talked to a friend who was a preschool teacher and she said she had 4 girls with differing variations of the name so we threw that one out. Then we wanted to name her something Turkish because my hubs is Turkish. Finding a name that was easy to pronounce and spell proved a challenge but we quickly settled on Ayla. Now my second…. she was really hard to name. We still wanted a Turkish name but we really could not agree. Either his parents didn’t like it or he didn’t or I didn’t. Finally I loved Nisa and so did my oldest so we just started referring to my belly with that name and my hubs fell in line and 9 years later it’s perfect.

  16. Madelein says:

    How about Billie or Billy?

  17. Kate says:

    Finnigan (Finn) for short.

  18. Zooey says:

    I changed my daughter’s middle name when she was 6 months old. It just wasn’t *her*. It’s a beautiful name but it didn’t suit her and we found another that was so much more *her.*

  19. Genna says:

    Axel or Jagger? I’m not so good with rock names.i know when I was pregnant a few year a ago every time we told family the name we were thinking of, they weighed in with their opinion. We settled on Waylon for a while and then it started sounding bad, like you said. So we picked out a few names and kept them to ourselves and when he was born and we saw him we just knew what his name was and we decided on Beau.
    Long story short, its your babu, you get to decide 😀

  20. Genna says:

    Or Cash

  21. Gabby says:

    Willie, Freddie, Dylan

  22. Angelique says:

    And I totally understand where your coming from. If your getting a weird feeling on the first choice, don’t go for it, even if your family loves it. In the end you have to love it! Good luck!

  23. Victoria Greaves says:

    Fredrick/Freddie… 🙂

    • Gemma cattermole says:

      I love the names hendrix and Axel. They were strong contenders when I had my son (who we ended up naming Jax). You’ll come across a name that you just love and then like with Bowie, it will be the one to stick! 🙂

  24. Camille says:

    Hi Shenae,
    First, congratulations ! I’m so happy for you and your family.
    I think it’s healthy that you don’t know. I don’t have kids yet, but half the people I know who do have either named their baby before the birth, or had several names picked and waited to meet the baby to choose which one would fit.
    You definitely found the perfect one for Bowie, it suits her amazingly.
    I’m thinking maybe this name for your boy you’re not so sure about now may be his middle name ? As to finding new ones… here’s some ideas that you may have already had haha : Mercury, Hendrix (these two are definitely a statement haha), Smith, Lou… also I’m throwing in my favorite boy names in case it brings you inspiration. I’m big on brainstorming !
    Here are my picks if I ever had one (I’m French so maybe in your country they’ll be super outdated and not trendy at all FYI) : I looove Gabriel, Axel and Eden.
    Anyways I’m sure whatever you’ll call your little boy he’ll have a great name !! Also don’t forget to ask Bowie haha you’d be surprised, my sister and I named our baby sister 🙂

  25. Isabelle says:

    I had the same problem. With my son,the first, it was so easy. Sasha! And I loved it. Still do. I just had a daughter(12/28/20) and her name is Inez. Sometimes I regret it and something I don’t. It was not like the first time. Congratulations by the way

  26. Breena F says:

    Bowie and Rex!
    Thinking of English rock band t.rex 😅 ‘children of the revolution!’

  27. Cally says:

    We called our son Spike, which I think is cool and rock and roll! I still love his name and he turns 9 next week. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I’m sure you will find the name you love. X

  28. Stacy ✌️🖤 says:

    We were totally the sane with our little one. We threw some names around and almost every week she had a new one. As soon as we said the name we picked, we knew it was the one and there was no other name for her. We love it and she totally lives up to her name.
    Take all the time you need. This is your sons journey. It’s good that it’s a different to Bowie’s journey into the world.
    Happy deciding.

  29. Ashley says:

    The same for us! We had our 1st son’s name so fast. We ran into a few bumps with family/friends not liking his name and suggesting other names cuz it’s what they liked or what they would do. With our 2nd son, we threw our lists out the window and started from scratch. It finally came down to 2 names that we both liked so the names became his first & middle name

  30. Jess says:

    I love Marley… unisex and so cool

  31. Lynsey says:

    We are huge Bowie fans too and have a little girl called Jeanie (she is three and referred to herself as Jean Genie the other day) 🤣. Much like you / Bowie we knew that was her name really early on (we picked it whilst eatting fish and chips on Brighton pier). If we ever have another it will be super hard to name them. We dont seem to agree on other names. I’m a huge Specials fan and like Rudy. My husband hates it. I also like Wilko after the guitarist Wilko Johnson but there is a bargin shop in England called Wilkos – so it is probably like calling your child ‘Walmart’ in the US 🤣🤣. Good luck I’m sure you’ll find the perfect name!🙂

  32. Lisa (CancerSheek) says:

    My best friend was in the same situation; I’ve been living thay cancer-induced hysterectomy life since I was 27 so it was fun to watch the process happen. She wanted a “unisex” name and eventually landed on “Lennon” for her daughter. We call her Lenni for short. Being the hippie at heart that she is, other names she was contemplating included Jude, Zeppelin (Zeppi for shorr), Morrison, Hendrix, Ezra, River, Iris, Dylan, & Cash. Whatever you & JB decide, I’m sure will be absolutely perfect because just like you said, Bowie is SO Bowie!

  33. Morgan says:

    *Mercury – Mac or Ry for short
    *Ben // Bennie – Bennie & the Jets
    *Iconic theater names like Fox or Blue

    • Brittany says:

      Congratulations!!! I am 8 weeks pregnant and while I always had names picked out that I loved, now that I’m actually deciding on a humans name forever I feel enormous pressure. Not to mention everyone is so judgy when you throw out names, like their opinion matters. I have always loved the name Henley after Don Henley from the Eagles but for a girl. I think it could be really cute for a boy as well! Good luck on your journey, maybe it would be good to wait until you meet him to decide. Also it makes the first moments with him that much more special. It will be your secret and your surprise when you are ready to share him with your loved ones.

  34. Julie says:

    During my first pregnancy I told people my daughters name and I began to feel they way you are. But I think it was more the fact I hated people always using her name instead of mine. I felt like I had almost lost part of my identity. We still went ahead with the name and I’m so glad we did I love it like I did when we initially chose it!

  35. Linda says:

    Love Cash and Hendrix also Eddie and Cohen

  36. Sue Hayes says:


  37. Whitney says:

    One of my favorite names is Crüe!

  38. Kaira Ayer says:

    Wyld or Wylder!! Absolutely love you guys… wishing you all the best always 🙂

  39. Evelina Kenttä says:

    With the first one it was easy. We didn’t know what we were having, but on the night we found out we were pregnant we decided on Clara for a girl. A few weeks later, the name Elton popped up in my head and when I told my partner, we both knew that was it. And yes, out came a little Elton and I couldn’t see him being named anything else.
    With our second, we knew we were having another boy, which was really hard. We both likes the name Arthur, but here in Sweden it’s not really a common name, and somehiw we put ut out of our minds. Then we decided on Colin. It felt really right. I even told a friend that’s what we were naming our baby. And The day after we decided, that it was for sure gonna be his name, I realized I hated it. Fortunately, my partner was easily convinced to change and finally we decided that we really did love the name Arthur and that is now his name and he really suits it.

  40. Monique says:

    I was set on my names for years. Magnolia for a girl and Luca for a girl. And then I got pregnant and by boyfriend hated both those names. Then we decided on Deacon James for a boy after his Army buddy and dad that had passed. A month later we found out we were having a girl. We must of went though 500 names and we could never get on the same page. I finally said one day her name is Sawyer because it was 1 of 3 names we both liked. I really didn’t love it and was so unsure if it was going to fit my little girl. After she was born and she came into her personality she is 100% a Sawyer. A girly delicate name like Magnolia would of not fit her at all. Now I love her name Sawyer and I’m so happy we went with it! I think Rocco & Bowie sound nice together

  41. Jessica Broom says:

    What about Crüe (After Motley Crue) Rogue, Steel, Creed, Tric,
    Cobain, Santana, Journey, Halen,Jovi,

  42. Jessica Broom says:

    What about Ash? after where you got married in Ashford?

  43. Jessica says:

    I totally get this—with my 1st, she was always Rosemary, I just KNEW that was who she was so naming her was cake! With my 2nd, a boy, we had to go to the drawing board again and again because nothing seemed to be “him”! The gift of a name can be a lot of pressure for sure! Eventually we landed on the right one and now I couldn’t see him as anything else. You will find the right one and I’m sure it will serve him well 🙂

    Suggestions: maybe favorite artists or authors? I could see something like Hawthorne nickname Hawk! Or maybe a cool virtue name like Valor or Noble or Merit?

    Good luck mama and best wishes for a happy healthy pregnancy!

  44. Caitlyn says:

    We didn’t find out the gender on our first two kids but did for our third (and last) we could NOT agree on a name and didn’t until two days before I was induced. We decided on Ellis James. Well it turned out the midwife was wrong and we had a girl. So all of the blood sweat and tears we put into naming our baby went out the window because she was NOT an Ellis haha. We had to make a game time decision in the hospital and named her Casey and it suits her so well.

  45. Elize🇿🇦 says:

    I like the following names:

    Whatever the name, he will be loved beyond measure and known for his worth rather than what he’s called! He will have a purpose in this world and carry his names with pride! (Call him Pride 🙂

    Best of luck mama! You look stunning xxx

  46. Nicola c says:

    Stevie (nicks) Chrissie (hynde) Eric (clapton) Ringo (starr) Jarvis (cocker) Noel or Liam (gallagher)

  47. Nicola c says:

    Otis (redding) or Van (morrison)

  48. Becca says:

    Rider from Riders on the Storm
    Nash for Nashville

  49. Julie Firtion says:

    My brother and sister in law had a baby 5 months ago and they didn’t want to tell us the name before the baby was born. My brother gave us a few hints and my dad and I guessed it, it was supposed to be Adrian (they didn’t tell us we guessed it right). We all thought that was a pretty good name if they decided to choose this. But 1 month before she was due, they decided on another name. We were freaking out because we liked Adrian so we were scared to like the other name less, because that’s not really something you can tell someone haha. Finally the baby came to the world and he was name Tao. Now he’s 5 months old and I can’t see him wear any other name than that! His name suits him so much, and he’s definitely not an Adrian hahaha
    Don’t worry, you can still change your mind at the last minute! Even if you have to wait until he’s born to name him. And whatever you land on, he will grow into his name, so you can’t really be wrong on this one 😉

  50. tegan ledger says:


  51. Emily Van Holman says:

    With our daughter, we were sure Lola was the name. But then it started to sound like Lolita to us, or we questioned if it was a “real name.” We ended up going with Lily. It’s similar, short and it suits her perfectly. We liked the idea of Lola but once our baby started to feel like a real person, suddenly it wasn’t the right name. So I totally get it.

    Do you ever read Diana’s column on LaineyGossip? Or her book? She’s a naming pro. Consider writing her if you’re stuck.

    • Emily Van Holman says:

      Duana* not Diana.

      Her whole obsession with names started because no one could get it right. Oh, and I think she was a writer for Degrassi and maybe even named Darcy!

  52. Katie says:

    We didn’t land on a name until I was in labor in the hospital! Once the nurses started using the name after we wrote it on the board for the hospital staff – only then did we make the decision.

  53. Sarah says:

    I wasn’t sure about baby #2 name either. It was the name we had picked for our son had he been a girl, and a few years later I just didn’t feel the same about it. My husband LOVED it, but I just didn’t want the nicknames that came along with it. Finally, no other names appealed to me, and since I chose my son’s name, I let him stick with the name. Our kids names are Myles and Evelyn and I cant imagine it any other way. Whatever you chose will be perfect and suit your child no matter what ☺️

  54. Jillian Lewis says:

    I struggled with names. I made the mistake of saying my second borns name out loud because my cousin named her dog thst after I said it. So back to the drawing board. I still love the name but never did use it because how it would sound on a human now that a dog got the name.

    I have three boys. Their names are

    Good luck!
    I will add I had to meet all my boys before officially giving them a name

  55. Courtney Marie says:

    I had a girl 1st and then 6 1/2 years later pregnant with a boy. His name was sooooo hard to choose! SOO HARD! I feel like I literally went through the same thing you are going through. I only thought about why you can’t decide on his name is because maybe you’re looking in the wrong direction. Maybe he is not the edgy type maybe he’s the nerdy type maybe he’s the sweet quiet type. Maybe his name is lying somewhere in those categories? IDK just food for thought 💭. My daughters name is Native American and my sons name is from outer space

  56. Cassandra says:

    I actually had something similar happen.. I liked one name, my husband liked another. We told his parents our names, and they sided with him and started calling our son by the name he liked. I was furious and REFUSED to name our son that. Months passed of us not coming to agreement on any name, and then one day, the name my husband loved came back to me, and I no longer hated it. I LOVED it and that was the name we went with, and it fits our boy so well. Just give it time.. he’ll help you choose!

  57. Chelsea says:

    My husband and I are still trying to conceive but we’ve had our boy and girl names picked out since pretty soon after we started dating LOL! For a boy George William after my best friend who died and for a girl Ophelia Marie…Ophelia after The Lumineers’ song Ophelia because we both love the sound of the piano in that song it just sounds like heaven to us…and Marie after both my mom’s and grandmother’s middle name who both died…and we think Ophelia Marie just flows together! And if we have a second boy we’re between Dean Wilder and Homer haven’t figured out the middle name yet…no special meaning behind these names we just like them! And if we have a second girl Margot Magdalena…I just love the name Margot…and Magdalena after my great-grandmother! And if we don’t have a girl we’ll try for a third time and if we have a third boy then his name will be Louis Henry…Louis is a family name, I love Saint Louis, Missouri, and after Louisiana where my best friend died…and Henry after my husband’s great-grandfather…and we think Louis Henry just flows together! And if we don’t have a boy we’ll try for a third time and if we have a third girl then her name will be the feminine form of George William so Georgie Wilhelmina/Willa/Willamina/Willemina…haven’t decided on the spelling yet!

  58. Holly says:

    Stevie (nicks or Steven Tyler), Elton, Billy, Jude (I love this name and makes me think of the Beatles), Rex is a cute name too just for the sake of it!

  59. Jody says:

    Hendrix Lennon

  60. Karchiri Clack says:

    For some reason, I thought about the name Kash. Not sure that it’s rock n roll enough for your awesome little family, but there’s my idea! Good luck in finding that perfect fit!

  61. Jaime says:

    Not sure this helps but there is sibling baby name generator you can use. And our rule was hubby picks boy name and I pick girl name we were together 10 yr before I came up with Lydia Quinn. He named our son Ethan, from Passions. That actually goes with Bowie though. Ethan

  62. Toni says:

    That’s so funny Bc I had a name list for future babes and I always loved Meadow for a girl. When I found out I was expecting I was like nope.. it’s not it. Back to the drawing board. When I found out she was a girl I was like ehh.. maybe Meadow but I don’t love it . Low and behold, I never loved anything else and realized it was always gonna work and be her name. Meadow Peach it is …. 🙂

  63. Jem says:

    You can always wait to meet him and see which name suits him. My parents did that, they actually asked us each name they picked out and if we didn’t like it (if we started crying etc) then they would move to the next name. Good luck lovely xx

  64. Heatherjoanna says:

    What about Rebel ( after Rebel, Rebel) or Ziggy ( after Ziggy Stardust) both awesome songs by David Bowie and makes the kids names “match”

  65. Stepher says:

    Or Nash!

  66. Kaydee says:

    We struggled with our seconds sons name, we ended up naming him Quinn after Pat Quinn (MAPLE LEAF HOCKEY COACH) and it was perfect and for. Our son Lucas chose our latest boys name, he picture it because of my Mom who recently passed. She would love the name and calls this baby Nana’s miracle from heaven. So this name fits perfectly! You’ll get there 🙂

  67. Katy Cox says:

    Hey there! What about Blake, Randy, Woody, Cash, Nelson or Denver for a country/Nashville star vibe or general rock star Hendrix, Jimi, Ziggy, Ace, Ozzy or Lennon

  68. Sasha says:

    100% vibing with you. We landed on one early on for our babe due on July…but my pregnancy brain is in full swing and I’ve been SO indecisive… it’s a big deal naming a human! People keep asking what names we’re thinking of and I’m keeping my mouth shut, I can’t rely on other people’s opinions about what I’m naming my tiny human.

  69. Dawn says:


  70. Samantha says:

    Ziggy! 😊

  71. Millie Bowra says:

    I LOVE the name Ziggy (ziggy stardust) for people that don’t know x

  72. Holli says:

    Hahaha. I feel all of this. My first was a daughter and although we didn’t know the sex of the baby, we had a girl name. Locked and loaded, after my grandma and the minute she was born my husband said yep that’s for sure her name. My second I was sure was a girl. I had a girl name that I LOVED but struggled with a boy name. Didn’t find out sex again. He was a boy! And I laughed and said you don’t have a name!!! Took me 2 days to settle on his name and even then I wasn’t as sure as the first, but 2 years later his name is exactly his personality and it was meant to be.

  73. Caitlin says:


  74. Katrina says:

    We were the same way with our daughter Mya, that was her name 100% we recently had a boy, Mason, however we weren’t completely sold on it or sure until we saw him, until that moment we had about 3 other names on the list. So maybe that will be the same for you! Personally I found naming a boy much harder than a girl!

  75. Shae says:

    I didn’t have a name picked out for my daughter until the day I had her. I said “what about O’Ryan?” And it was like this AHA!!! moment. Like your Bowie moment. You just instantly knew. So we named her Auryan (pronounced like above, but just spelled French-ish.)

  76. Sandra says:

    You should name him David
    And you’ll have IT all
    David Bowie 😀

  77. Ravin Tija Maurice says:

    The idea of naming him after a female rock star is very cool. Jett, Ford, Currie, Hale, Myles (because Black Velvet and Alanna Myles are amazing!) are all solid options.
    I named my daughter from a TV series, not even a name but a title given to a character in that series. For a long time everyone loved the name Khaleesi, but once that last season of Game of Thrones came out and people really hated how it played out I got SO many questions about if I regretted my name choice. Absolutely not! She had a great character arch, and things work out differently in the books so they shouldn’t judge! And it totally suits her

    Pick what YOU feel is best. I didn’t tell anyone her name until she was born….if you are worried about a similar issue maybe keep it close to the chest for a while. 🙂 Either way, he’s going to awesome.

  78. Rachel says:

    Lennon? Or Presley (after Elvis)

  79. Rochelle Anzer says:

    I feel you. Not that I hate the name we picked. It’s what I’ve wanted even before I met my husband, but we started telling people and I don’t like that people are referencing him by his name before he’s born. I don’t know why, but I don’t like it and it made me realize our next child I won’t tell anyone what we are naming him/her. I think maybe it’s hitting me wrong because it takes the fun out of it? Maybe that’s what you’re feeling? I dunno.

  80. Cala Robbins says:

    I think you have to name him Ziggy (Stardust)!! We named our son Johnny Atlas with 10000% certainty, but Stellar was a close second 🤷🏼‍♀️ Good luck! Naming kids is a tricky task!

  81. Cwatty says:


  82. Nicole says:

    Jovi I like the name Jovi

  83. Danni says:

    I had all this logic- I like the name Kenzie. I would always call her Kenzie. To keep it easy, I’m just going to have her whole name be Kenzie. This will make her life better right? My name is Dannielle and I always go by Danni- I wish my name was just Danni. So we named her Kenzie. To this day, people still call her McKenzie. They just assume. Worse- good friends of mine can’t get it through their heads that her name is just Kenzie. Now I wish I named her McKenzie after all 🙁

  84. Stevie Cross says:

    In my family the girls are born in November and all start with the letter ‘S’. When I found out I was pregnant, due in November, with a GIRL, I laughed. What were the chances?!
    We joked that she would need to be an ‘S’ name.
    My husband said Stormi and it was perfect. We had been trying to get pregnant for years, had one miscarriage, and the name Stormi was perfect. A baby born after a miscarriage is called “the rainbow after the STORM”.
    Stormi Rae joined her mom Stevie, aunts Sammie and Shayna, and her grandma Sandy with a November 16 birthday. 🌈 👶🏼

  85. Sam says:

    I am such an indesivive person that the thought of naming my future child (when the time comes) actually gives me anxiety.

    There’s so much about a name – it comes to be how you see someone… I couldn’t possibly imagine myself with any other name than Sam. But I’m happy that through the years (25 of them) I’ve had Sammy, Samz, Samantha… There’s such a stigma surrounding boy names and girl names… Do they sound right with the surname or middle names… Is it a name that could lead to bullying.. Blah blah. I find it so sad that something like this is so hard.

    I would keep your chosen name on the burner, maybe when he’s here it’ll be right. Otherwise, my bank for boys at the moment includes Riley, Hendrix, Atlas, Wren

  86. Lor-rae says:

    I like the name….Locklan. I like it because it’s unique, but not so unique that it will spark painfully long explainations as to how you had come to land on that name. My name is a combo of my parents,and I am an only child that was adopted at two weeks old…awe, blah blah blah! No one could spell it, pronounce it, and it drove me nuts all through school. Only as an adult, did I come to embrace it. Choose wisely, which I’m sure you will. Congrats, look forward to seeing what you decide for you little one!

  87. Tamara desat says:

    And yes felt the same about naming my two. So sure the moment my husband said our sons name and that was it! Our daughter wasn’t named until a couple days before she was born cus I just wasn’t sure…and we had a name we were going to go with and it was good but something wasn’t quite right for me. So yes not until a couple days before she was born did we decide on a name we loved! I get it!

  88. Bri says:

    Omg I would love to know the first name!!! My husband and I are expecting our second and are struggling to find a name. We also don’t know the sex yet so that is also challenging. We love our sons name so much and it was soo effortless to name him but I don’t have a name for this little one that I love. Ugh 🤦‍♀️

  89. Paige says:

    I love how you went with Male rockstar names for “Bowie” so for you’re son I thought of a female rockstars name… “Stevie” (nicks)
    They go well together Bowie & Stevie 🎶

  90. Megan says:

    We had a similar issue when we named our daughter Indigo “Indi” but we stuck with it and we love it! Edgy boy names….Jett (Joan Jett) or Ozzie ?? Good luck!

  91. Chantel says:

    I feel this! Our first we knew right off the bat what her name would be and LOVED it! The second baby, just one month old now, we didn’t decide on until I was around 7 months pregnant. We couldn’t agree on anything and it was in our list of names but once we finally decided on it I still questioned if it was right but when she was born it just fit her. I love it, even though she’s only a month old I love it for her! My top name I really wanted I’m glad ended up getting vetoed because it just wouldn’t fit her. I think it’s okay to wait until you know or even until you have the baby and see what it’s like when they are here!

  92. Natalia says:

    My dad got the first name wrong when giving the order of the names. The mistake worked out well for me 😉
    I don’t think the parents regret this mistake.
    But I hope you still feel the name you chose for your baby.

  93. Allison Hijazi says:

    I had my daughter first. When we were pregnant, we talked about names if she was a girl or boy. We were dead set if she was a boy, his name would be Ryu. I could not agree on a girls name to save my life. Then we found out she was a girl and I didn’t know what to do. Finally, my husband suggested Remi and I fell in love. So we had Remi. Then I got pregnant again and while I was pregnant we met a waitress with the name Rhea. I was sold, if this baby was a girl, that would be her name. Done deal. Then we found out baby 2 was a boy and again I didn’t know what to do. My husband said let’s name him Ryu because we already loved that name but I left like it belonged to Remi. Is that weird? Needless to say, we ended up deciding on Ryu and I’m so glad we did! I had a lot of doubts about the name but it suits his personality so well! He’s a fighter and warrior and I’m so happy his name reflects that!
    I wish you guys nothing but positive energy going forward! I’m sure you guys will figure out the perfect name for your little one. You guys are amazing parents! You’ve got this!

  94. Cynthia says:

    Continue to take your time.
    The right name will come soon. Remember this is not easy. I’m sure you will pick a great name just like Bowie. Maybe she has some ideas. Kids are so smart.

  95. Charlotte says:

    Relate to this 1000% just had my baby boy Jude, who was named something else until 1 month before his due date, people even bought personalised things for him with the other name

  96. Lu says:

    The struggle is real. With our first we had the name sussed pretty quickly and she suits it so much. Two years later with our second we renamed her three times. Post birth. Seriously. It was a similar situation, hearing people say the names. I blame the pregnancy and postpartum haze too. I felt the pressure. We’ve nailed it finally and she’s a peach of a child who doesn’t seem phased by the constant name changes we put upon her early on. We had a few laughs about it with people and it’s old news now. But it sucked feeling so unsure in the moment. Keep at it. The name will turn up eventually.

  97. […] and is “genuinely terrified” of naming her son, according to a March 30 blog post for The Damn Thing, titled “I hate my baby’s […]

  98. Mary Coyle says:

    What was the name you originally chose?

  99. […] “She is such a Bowie. We thought it’d be the same with this kid. We thought we’d have it in the bag, no problem. We knew we wanted something that went well with Bowie,” she continued on her blog The Damn Thing. […]

  100. Kels says:

    After reading everyone’s ideas wnd thinking, I really like Jett, Cash, and I came up with Hendrick (play on Hendrix) and sounds a bit English to me. Good luck! Naming babies is hard. Most important thing is that you and Josh like it!!! My in-laws actually made fun of my potential choice for my daughters name and we were pretty set on it (in our heads). We did name her that and they got over it. And now I don’t regret it one bit!!!

  101. […] opened up about her change of heart in a recent post on her blog, writing that she feels “panicked” about the situation, even though she has months left […]

  102. […] and is “genuinely terrified” of naming her son, according to a March 30 blog post for The Damn Thing, titled “I hate my baby’s […]

  103. […] and is “genuinely terrified” of naming her son, according to a March 30 blog post for The Damn Thing, titled “I hate my baby’s […]

  104. […] “She is such a Bowie. We thought it’d be the same with this kid. We thought we’d have it in the bag, no problem. We knew we wanted something that went well with Bowie,” she continued on her blog The Damn Thing. […]

  105. […] shared her story on her blog, which can be read in full here. She says that they had a name for the baby, but she is no longer “in love” with the name. This […]

  106. […] was so easy with Bowie,” Shenae wrote on her blog The damn thing on March […]

  107. Lisa says:

    I think Isley would be perfect!
    Ringo, Onyx, Elvi or Clive would also be cool.

  108. […] The 31-year-old actress, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Josh Beech, revealed that she hates the name they chose in a blog post for The Damn Thing. […]

  109. […] The particular 31-year-old actress, who might be currently expecting the girl second child along with husband Josh Beech , uncovered that she cannot stand the name they selected in a blog post to get The Damn Point . […]

  110. […] The 31-year-old actress, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Josh Beech, revealed that she hates the name they chose in a blog post for The Damn Thing. […]

  111. […] The 31-year-old actress, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Josh Beech, revealed that she hates the name they chose in a blog post for The Damn Thing. […]

  112. Melissa says:

    Guild, Fender, Gibson. A guitar name would be awesome with Bowie.

  113. Tyler says:

    Maybe go with David for David Bowie? We already knows it goes well with Bowie 😂

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