May 3, 2018




Well it’s official… I’m definitely a grown-up! This badass baby is on board and I am so thrilled to be able to finally share this crazy journey with you guys! Josh and I will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary next week (time flies when you’re having fun!) and this news was the best anniversary gift we could’ve possibly received! It wasn’t totally planned but we decided to let the fates determine when the timing was right for us to hope on this ride of a lifetime and evidently, they thought the time was now and I couldn’t agree more. We have so much love and laughter in our house that in a way, it’d feel selfish not to share it with another little human. I’m also so excited and happy to share that this little one we are welcoming is a baby girl!!! Obviously we would have been happy with any gender and have just been praying for good health but because I know how special my relationship with my mama and her relationship with her mama are, I was elated to be able to carry on that bond for another generation. Josh is also the sweetest, most considerate, understanding and compassionate guy who group up in a house full of women so him growing old in a house full of women (our pooch Frankenstein is a girl, too!) seemed totally fitting! I really believe being a parent is something Josh was put on this planet to do. His heart is so huge, his mind is so creative, his sense of wonderment, laughter and playfulness is completely contagious and his priorities are always family and taking care of others. I feel so freaking grateful and lucky to get to be his partner on this journey and know our baby girl is already the luckiest kid in the world to get to call him dad.

With all of that wonderful gushy goodness aside, I’m also so excited to share the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of this journey with you guys because frankly, I’d love to connect with other women and mamas while I’m riding the highs and lows of it all. I find so many people rave about the glow and the incomparable happiness of it all and leave out a lot of truth because it may it may not paint a picture of perfection. Having emotional and physical struggles during this miraculous, wonderful time is nothing at all to be ashamed of and I want to create an open, honest dialogue about that here for my own sanity and hopefully, for the benefit of others feeling the same way. While I can’t wait to meet this little lady and I’m so grateful for the smoothness of her good growth and health thus far, my pregnancy has not been all sunshine and rainbows for me. My physical symptoms have been pretty brutal and my rollercoaster of emotions have been difficult to process. The changes you go through mentally and physically happen hard and fast and no one really warns you of what to expect. It’s easy to feel like you’re losing it or something is wrong with you when in actual fact, all of the weirdness is totally normal! I wish someone had told me some of that before I embarked on this all myself so I hope I can do that a little bit for someone else by writing about it all here. Thank you for reading this first ‘Domestic Badass‘ pregnancy post.  That kind of support means more to me now than ever before and I appreciate every single one of you reading. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like to chat about next!

I also want to say a major thank you to my LA fam, Lucas Rossi for creating these amazing memories for us. Lucas, you are such an incredible talent. Your eye and skill for photography is just stellar and we are so grateful that you shot these pics for us, which we will surely treasure forever! THANK YOU!!! If anyone’s in the LA/Ventura County area and needs any events, occasions, headshots, corporate photos or basically anything under the sun shot professionally, efficiently and beautifully, hit up Lucas Rossi! Check out his body of work at



  1. Chelsea Pratt says:

    Congratulations to a beautiful family! I am so glad you’ve been doing well! Thanks for sharing with all of us! I wish I could send some advice and help, but I’m only a mom to fur-children. You’ll be amazing parents because you have love and patience for one another. It’s just a process like anything else in life. Appreciate everything, good and bad, because you learn and grow from it all. Congrats again! You’re just glowing!

  2. Katie Huntington says:

    OMG!!! I’m so happy. I watched you on 90210 and I just loved that show. I’m so happy for your guys and I know she will be the cutest little baby ever!!

  3. Misha Seleznoff says:

    Yay I’m so excited for you both!! Your going to make great parents!! Do you have baby names picked out yet? How your going to decorate the nursery? Maternity and newborn photo shoots? Just a few questions for ideas on what to add ❤️ Congrats!! These photos are so cute!

  4. Chelsie Christenson says:

    Sooo cute!! Congratulations on your new adventure momma! 💕

  5. Caroline Christie says:

    Oh my goodness I am beyond happy for the both of you, such an amazing relationship to be topped off with a lovely little bundle of joy. I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible for the three of you, I can’t wait to see her beautiful little face! You are both such amazing idols, congratulations and enjoy the journey😍

  6. Hanan Khems says:

    Congratulations from france !! You are à big inspiration to me!! God bless your family.
    With love.
    A huge fan

  7. Anahi Pimentel says:

    I just wanted to say that you are going to be an amazing mother and you are so pretty, I love all your shows especially 90210 !!

  8. Estelle Clxt says:

    Im happy for you. Wish you the best for this journey. Im curious about so many things, if you want to share them of course! Like, how did you found out that you were pregnant ? how was the reveal part/how your husband/family react when you told them ? so far, how was the first months of pregnancy ?
    I will maybe come back here soon to read one of this subjects. Once again, congratulations 🙂 (Kisses from France)

  9. So cute, love the fun pictures. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on Baby Girl!! She is going to be adorable!!!

  10. Angelica Clemente says:

    Hi Shenae, today I could not have received more beautiful and spectacular news.
    I have been following you and your husband for so long and I was wondering when it would be time to have a little Beech to keep us company (because even through social media you can empathize with someone).
    Pregnancy for me is something far away and I do not have many questions but I am writing to congratulate your family for this wonderful news, as soon as I read it I smiled for long minutes and I was moved.
    So thank you for this wonderful news.
    I love you.

    P.S. Excuse me for the bad English, I’m an Italian girl.

  11. Angelica Clemente says:

    Hi Shenae, today I could not have received more beautiful and spectacular news.
    I have been following you and your husband for so long and I was wondering when it would be time to have a little Beech to keep us company (because even through social media you can empathize with someone).
    Pregnancy for me is something far away and I do not have many questions but I am writing to congratulate your family for this wonderful news, as soon as I read it I smiled for long minutes and I was moved.
    So thank you for this wonderful news.
    I love you.

    P.S. Excuse me for the bad English, I’m an Italian girl.

  12. Brianna McGowan says:

    Yay!!! So exciting to read! The first trimester was definitely the toughest for me. Your body is going through SO many changes, on top of the mental changes. I mean, you’re going to be a mom for crying outloud. AND to top it off, you feel like you can’t tell anyone, or only a select few, so you can’t really talk about how you are REALLY feeling. I found the 2nd and 3rd trimesters to be amazing. Best of luck to you!! It is an incredible journey!!

  13. Jim Grimes says:

    Well Princess, the most incredible journey of your life is now unfolding. We all believe careers, friendships, even our partners are the most important, or amazing, parts of our lives. The truth is, the day you arrived into my (of course mama’s too :)) life was the day our lives truly had purpose. That moment I held you for the first time was honestly the highest I have ever been in my life. The moment you first cried was the moment I knew I would step in front of a bullet to make the crying stop. That moment I stood beside you as that amazing man by your side took you as his partner in life, I knew my princess had become her own Queen. The love of my children is the greatest love(s) I have known. You will soon have the two greatest loves in your life. The love of a great man, and the love that is as a result of that love. My pride for you is endless, and my joy for what you are about to experience is beyond expression.
    You will be an incredible mother, and I know Josh will be an amazing father… as they say (for you josh) in the octagon……"Let’s get it on" :)))))) Love you princess

  14. Jaimie 041412JcKennington says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!
    As a Mama of 2 littles, this will certainly be your most challenging and rewarding role to date.
    One tip – enjoy your "you" time, and sleep because one babe arrives that stuff is limited, at least for a little while 🙂

  15. Kasey Wallace says:

    I am so excited!!!! Being a mama is the best AND being a mama yo a daughter is even better! My daughter is 6mo old and she is the light of my life. Although it’s not easy, it’s so rewarding.

  16. Hayley Lower says:

    Amazing news. You’re going on the biggest adventure of your life. It’ll be raw and scary and sometimes require tears but the love you’ll’s a drug. Good luck! Xx

  17. Claire Briston says:

    Absolutely love these photos!

    Congratulations to the both of you. I worked with Josh a few times when I was at AllSaints HQ in London. Lovely chap and I’m certain he’s gonna be a wicked Papa too!


  18. Claire Briston says:

    PS – the last time I worked with Josh was on a GQ Music shoot with AllSaints in 2011 (maybe early 2012). I was pregnant at the time of the shoot too! Being a Mama is the hardest, but most rewarding job on the planet. You’re gonna love it! x

  19. Lix - says:

    Congratulations!! This is so cool, I’m so happy for the two (three) of you! (I’m happy for Frankenstein too, dogs and little humans playing together is the cutest thing) I can’t wait to see how you dress the mini-badass!
    One thing I’m really curious about is, what citizenship(s) will you give the mini-badass? I assume she’ll be born in the US, to a British dad and a Canadian mom, so many options! (lucky one!) and I’m really curious to know how you’re going to decide on this one 🙂 Growing up in a multi-cultural family is usually so beneficial in many ways for the kids, but that also raises questions for the parents and I’d love for you to share a little around the subject!
    I’m really excited to follow your journey (thanks for sharing with us!) and wish all the best to your soon-to-get-bigger little family!

  20. alison mclean says:

    Aw that is amazing news for you both….What a great adventure you are embarking on. Your mom and dad will be thrilled to be grandparents….And you know you have many Angels in heaven who are kickin’ their Irish heels up! Lots of love. Alison McLean

  21. laura gutierrez says:

    Very happy for you!! You should check out the book "Happy mum, happy baby" by Giovanna Fletcher, she also has a podcast with many mums and dads about all the ups and downs of being a parent and about the pregnancy. It focuses on taking off the pressure and that every story is different, it has helped me a lot!

  22. Amanda Rosenthal says:

    You guys are too fucking cute. love you both. xo

  23. Ashley Renaud says:

    Congratulations pretty woman and josh on a brand new addition to your badass family! I hope nothing but health happiness love and joy for the 3 of you looking forward to reading your journey the ups and downs the great and the awful moment s like you said it’s a rollercoaster ride but it’s the best one in the end. My little guy will be 8 this year time literally flies by. Try and enjoy every second. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey and your growing bad ass baby girl.
    From one Canadian mama to another! Your freaking rock chicks! All the best much love oxoxo

  24. Kate Kouture says:

    Congratulations!!! I still think of you as "Annie" from 90210, so it’s hard to wrap my mind around that you’re married and going to be a mama. Cannot wait to see pictures of her, Shenae

  25. Emily Gonzalez says:

    Hi Shenae, I have recently started watching 90210 and that is how I have come to know you. I also recently heard the news. Congrats on your baby girl!
    P. S. You are such an amazing actress.

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  28. Shelbi says:

    Congrats! I have 2 girls 3 years apart and it’s the best. Also my second pregnancy was much harder in the beginning than my first. I had morning sickness for about 4 months and I was throwing up at least once a day. And SO many things made me nauseous.

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