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Sunny Lenarduzzi grew up dreaming of anchoring the 6 o’clock news broadcast. She wanted to be a journalist so she attended college for journalism and one of her first big assignments was covering the Olympics in Vancouver. Although it was a dream assignment, and her whole life she thought she wanted to be a journalist, something about it didn’t feel right in her heart. Driving home from the Olympics, Sunny decided to start her own business with an online magazine. She was totally self-taught in social media, she built the entire website herself, and built the skills she needed to make it successful. Companies started to take notice — Who was this girl who was growing an audience and building something so big, all on her own? That’s when her consulting career began and she helped many companies with their social media efforts. Sunny started to get a lot of the same questions from her clients, so she decided to answer the questions via YouTube video so she only had to explain the answer once. Overnight, a video she had sent only to her clients had several thousand views… And that was her lightbulb moment. Now, Sunny teaches and empowers entrepreneurs to show up on a bigger stage and spread their messages further with video


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